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IV / IO Access refresher training

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Course Summary

This course is aimed at clinically trained people who require hands-on refresher training in intravenous (IV) or intraosseous (IO) access.  This is not an accredited program, simply a course providing up-to-date information about techniques and equipment used in pre-hospital emergency and inpatient care.

The typical student will be a doctor, nurse or paramedic who has been out of the industry for some time or has been working within the industry but away from direct inpatient contact.

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Topics include:

  • IV site identification & suitability
  • IO options (traditional v’s sternal)
  • Vein anatomy & health
  • Difficulties – hypovolemia, low BP, turgor, pain
  • Complications – phlebitis, infection, infiltration, extravasation
  • Contraindications
  • Advancements in Needle/Catheter technology
  • Hands-on IV & IO training

Hands on training includes the use of butterfly, needle catheter, manual and auto-retraction systems, connection compatibility and IO systems.

This course has been developed on request and will run on demand.  It can be run at our training centre or on site in your workplace.


Assessment Method 
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Practical demonstrations/skills observations


  • Upon successful completion a Certificate of Attendance will be issued.


By engaging NSW First Aid (under the RTO, EFirstAid Pty Ltd) or participating in our training, you accept the following terms and conditions and the conditions as set out in our Student

Client obligation

By accepting the following terms and conditions, you have acknowledged that
you will:

Undertake the training in a responsible manner ensuring that you read and understand the course material, including material the client is directed to through links and other websites or attached articles;

Must not seek or accept assistance with assessments except for support offered
by the accredited and recognised on-line support offered by NSW First Aid and
approved mentors assisting students approved to receive language literacy and
numeracy support;

The student warrants that the information which it provides to NSW First Aid
whether directly or indirectly, or through the website, or which is otherwise
displayed on this website is provided in good faith and is true and correct
to the best of its knowledge, information and belief. That is, that the student is declaring that all information it provides is true and correct. The client also declares that all assessment work is his or her own.


All audio commentary, visual presentations and any course related files is
copyright ©NSW First Aid unless otherwise stated. Material cannot be copied,
reproduced or distributed in any form without prior written consent. All material provided and presented during training is for the sole use of the company and/or individual.


NSW First Aid reserves the right to modify, cancel and limit any training,
service or promotion. We reserve the right to refuse participants for any reason.

Purchasing one online training course allows one person to access the training
course. Courses are not transferable. By accepting enrolment terms and conditions, you are warranting that you are the person completing the course.


Links on the NSW First Aid website to external entities are not covered within
this policy. The terms and conditions set out in this privacy statement only
cover the domain name of and